if you choose FREE delivery, depending our warehouse location, please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery (if you haven't received the item after 24 working days then you'd be entitled to a refund, OR resending the item purchased with faster delivery).

Tracking information will be available once the item reaches your country (usually after 1-2 weeks). If you choose at the checkout on our store another shipping option such as DHL/etc., your tracking will be available once the item is fulfilled and picked up from our warehouse (usually you would receive an e-mail once the item is sent). Then you can follow the tracking on any DHL or others tracking companies website depending on your shipping option.

If your tracking link does not work try it again later as it normally takes some hours to register the tracking information. Please note that OUR SHIPPING FACILITIES only works on business days.

If your order pass through customs, we are not liable for any additional costs it may arise.

If you send a return package to a wrong address, we are not liable for any loss or misplacement.


Usually once the item is sent (check section above to know when the item is sent), it usually takes 4-10 days for the item to be received worldwide, please take in account that some countries as UK get the delivery faster.